Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca

The reopening of the complex took place in several stages: the Auditorium and the ground floor rooms opened in December 2008 with the launch of the exhibition activities of the Foundation.

From 2012 the Foundation has its own, totally opened, Exhibition Center, just near the Cathedral of Lucca and the headquarters of the Foundation itself. The building consists of the Oratory of the Madonna and the building that supports it.

In the Auditorium, which has found place in the former Oratory, regularly held events organized by the Foundation and by other entities such as Institutions and associations.

The building hosts through the year exhibitions, meetings, conventions, conferences, congresses and cultural activities. Exhibitions have free entrance and are organized by the Foundation. The exhibitions are generally of young artists in order to promote them and sometimes of well known artists.

The building also gives hospitality to the Library of the Foundation and to a documentary archive named “Fondo documentario Fratel Arturo Paoli”.


Exhibition Period:
6 September – 6 October 2014
Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca
Piazza S. Martino 7, 55100 Lucca
Accessible entrance from Via del Molinetto