News from epea
On the Road
The Noble Peace Center in Oslo closed its first show of epea02 successfully. Over 20.000 visitors came to see  the photographic analysis of “The New Social” presented in over 150 photographs and two projections. The exhibition in Oslo offered a well-accepted  educational programme for schools and students. The photographs have started  their travels and are now on their way from the north to the south of Europe – aiming for Lucca. There they will be shown at the Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca at the beginning of September of this year.

The 2nd European Photo Exhibition Award
New touring exhibition in 2014 and 2015 focusing on the topic “The New Social”
The European Photo Exhibition Award – epea for short – aims to create a free space where socially relevant topics concerning Europe are developed and discussed by talented photographers who live and work in Europe and who still are at an early stage of establishing themselves as professional photographers. The twelve appointed photographers will translate their observations, analyses and statements on a set and socially relevant subject into a photo essay. The results will be presented in a joint touring exhibition within Europe.

Photographers epea02
The twelve new appointed photographers are Patricia Almeida (Portugal), Massimo Berruti (Italy), Eric Giraudet de Boudemange (France), Jan Brykczynski (Poland), André Cepeda (Portugal), Linda Bournane Engelberth (Norway), Simona Ghizzoni (Italy), Kirill Golovchenko (Ukraine), Arja Hyytiäinen (Finland), Espen Rasmussen (Norway), Stephanie Steinkopf (Germany) and Paula Winkler (Germany).