Enrico Stefanelli

Enrico Stefanelli is a photographer and journalist who also teaches photography workshops. He founded and was, for 7 years, the artistic director of the international festival of photography and video art ‘Lucca Photo Fest’, established in 2005. Moreover, he is the founder and artistic director of the Photolux Festival, the new biennial of photography in Lucca. He is also the mastermind behind the ‘Faces – Portraits in the 20th Century’ exhibition, and he has curated several exhibitions at the Lucca Photo Fest, e.g. 2008. In 2010, he curated Tim Hetherington, ‘Battle Company’, Gianni Berengo Gardin, ‘L’Aquila’, Nany Fina, ‘Glamour and Fashion’, Fabio Zonta, ‘Trasfigurazini’, Rino Barillari, ‘Divas’, Jan Saudek, ‘Il Teatro Della Vita’, Michel Comte, ‘Not only Women’, Horst P. Horst, and, in 2011, Kenro Izu ‘Passage through Asia’, VII Agency ‘VII looks East’, Li Wei ‘Li Wei: Photography’, Wang Qinsong ‘The glorious life. Wang Quinsong’s photography 1999-2010’, Jing Queck ‘Singapore Idols’, Samuel Bourne, Francis Frith’s & Co., Photo Service Delhi ‘India: gentry and ancient mansions’, Nobuyoshy Araki ‘Polaroid’. Since 2010, Stefanelli has been the Italian curator of epea, the European Photo Exhibition Award.